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Introducing Onplace. Build a better portfolio.

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As a product designer myself I've always become bogged down in irrelevant details and options when designing my personal portfolio site. I’ll typically have a tonne of content ready to show the world, but get distracted by excessive options and indecision. I've had a need time and time again for a platform to easily allow me to showcase my work in a professional, content first approach with little visual cruft. 

Traditional web platforms cater to everyone, and ultimately no-one. Onplace is not for everyone. We will be offering layout options for designers, architects, photographers and writers. That's it. This focus allows us to deliver presentation options that fit seamlessly with your work, and don’t distract from it. 

Onplace is in an early stage, and we will be rolling out access as the product develops. Join the early access list.


A more mindful workday

I worked with Floe in 2019 on designing the first version of their product. The app measures your physiological response to preprepared exercises and adapts real-time with visual and aural guides that help you achieve a focused, creative, or calm state of mind.

With use Floe tracks your results over time and adapts to serve more challenging and fulfilling exercises as your skill increases. In a team environment, administrators can set specific exercise schedules for employees, and get aggregated feedback.

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A configurable dashboard allowed Floe administrators to track team progress over time, and view the impact on the team. Accuracy, usage, streaks, self-reported sentiment, mood and additional metrics could be cross referenced between departments, or groups of users.

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After each exercise session, the participant can visually see their performance and compare with historical data.

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Design System Manager

At InVision I worked on making the sketch plugin behave more natively for MacOS, and become more visual. Designers working within a large design library could group their most frequently used or referenced components into custom sets for individual efficiency.

Component and library screens of app on an Apple Pro Display
Thumbnails of images within the app
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Additionally, I proposed we create and bundle useful design measurement tools with Design System Manager as part of an InVision toolkit. These included a contrast checking tool, type measurement, distance measurement and an advanced color tool. 

It was important that we accurately communicate the sync status of each item within your design system so you're aware that you are working with the most up to date library. For this, a sync indicator is included on every thumbnail showing components in sync, not synced and to be published.


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