Hey, I'm Jonny – a digital product designer with over 13 years experience. I help to strategically conceive, refine and deliver best in class products.

Currently I'm working on shaping the tools designers, product managers and engineers use everyday with a great team at InVision. In the past I've built up, and led a design team at Zendesk as the company scaled for the Enterprise.

I bring expertise in product design thinking, working hard to make complex tasks simple and intuitive for people to use. I'm a serial prototyper, leveraging the power of interaction and movement to convey ideas and bridge the gap between concept and execution.

Outside of my full-time commitments, I work with a select freelance client base to bring amazing products to realisation.

If you would just like to say hi, or think I could help on something awesome you're working on, please get in touch.

Photo of Jonny