The important things

We are about 3 weeks into a lockdown. Travel is limited to 2km from our house, and only for essential purposes. Some days it can be hard to find positives in all of this, but if we choose to look for them they are obvious.

We are getting quality family time with each other and our daughter. It is undoubtedly hard for grandparents who are missing the personal connection with their first grandchild, but we are communicating every day. This would not have happened before. FaceTime coupled with good connectivity is immeasurably valuable during this time. We're holding regular virtual drink and chats with friends we would only see a few times a year. The sky is a deeper shade of blue and the air smells cleaner than ever.

The city is quiet, sometimes eerily, sometimes beautifully. People are friendlier.

I hope that when things begin to return or transition to whatever normal will be, we purposefully evaluate what we want from our lives. Ignore all the hustle bullshit about what you should be doing/learning/creating and spend this time however you need to, hopefully with the ones you love.