Zendesk mobile SDK

At Zendesk I lead the design of our mobile SDKs, a way for our customers to implement Zendesk products natively within their app. Supporting both iOS and Android, users are shown a familiar conversational interface regardless of which channel the support is being offered by, such as tickets or live chat.

Simplified theming

I defined a restricted but flexible theming system to allow organisations integrate a support system that looks and feels familiar to the host app. With only 2 possible colours to consider, implementors of the SDK can focus on their help centre content rather than visual details and be confident that it will fit within their app.

User segmentation

For each support request, the SDK captures appropriate user data and device info to best resolve issues. The SDK also facilitates user segmentation. For example, if you are a food delivery app and a user is looking for help straight after placing an order, they can be shown a live chat interface that may not be available outside of these conditions.

Zendesk Guide integration

In addition to contacting support, end users of the SDK can browse a company’s help centre using Zendesk Guide, and try to find a resolution to an issue they’re having. If they’re unsuccessful in searching, or reach the end of an article our customers can then surface alternative methods to get support, such as tickets or chat.

Implementors can also deep link to individual articles from push notifications or elsewhere in their app routing users to relevant contextual information.