Zendesk support for mobile

Zendesk Support for mobile was built for agents who want to provide great customer support away from their desk. It allow them to compose light replies, triage tickets and keep updated with relevant notifications from their mobile device.

Curated ticket information

Within Zendesk there is potentially a lot of information associated with tickets. On mobile we prioritised showing just enough information to effectively resolve issues and offered filtering options for agents to customise the information displayed on their ticket views to facilitate their own workflows.

Macros and canned replies

Macros are canned replies and batched ticket property changes. From feedback, and validation of prototypes we heard that agents were unsure of what their macros actually did. Often they are created for the organisation by an admin and not the agent themselves. So we were the first product in Zendesk to provide Macro Previews before they went out to end users.

Notifications that work for all agents

We allow notifications to be set up according to agent’s workflow. Some smaller organisations are fine with all new tickets pinging a notification to agents, but if you’re Uber that won’t work, and as an agent you may only want to be notified on tickets you’re assigned to or are part of the group you are in.