Product designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Head of design at Tines.

InVision App

Design system manager

At InVision I worked on making the sketch plugin behave more natively for MacOS, and become more visual. Designers working within a large design library could group their most frequently used or referenced components into custom sets for individual efficiency.

It was important that we accurately communicate the sync status of each item within your design system so you're aware that you are working with the most up to date library. For this, a sync indicator is included on every thumbnail showing components in sync, not synced and to be published.

Additionally, I proposed we create and bundle useful design measurement tools with Design System Manager as part of an InVision toolkit. These included a contrast checking tool, type measurement, distance measurement and an advanced color tool.


Zendesk Mobile SDK

At Zendesk I led the design of our mobile SDKs, a way for our customers to implement Zendesk products natively within their app. Supporting both iOS and Android, I designed a multi channel support solution using a familiar conversational interface.

I defined a restricted but flexible theming system to allow organisations integrate a support system that looks and feels familiar to the host app. With only 2 possible colours to consider, implementors of the SDK can focus on their help centre content rather than visual details and be confident that it will fit within their app.

For each support request, the SDK captures appropriate user data and device info to best resolve issues. The SDK also facilitates user segmentation. For example, if you are a food delivery app and a user is looking for help straight after placing an order, they can be shown a live chat interface that may not be available outside of these conditions.


Floe app

Floe is a mental fitness startup using data and science to create products that benefit you positively. I worked with Floe on designing the first version of their product resulting in a web app that measures your breathing and provides real-time feedback. The app helps you achieve focus, a creative, or a calm state of mind through guided breathing exercises in addition to seeing historical exercise impact.

Currently in early access.


Zendesk Support for Mobile

Zendesk Support for mobile was built for agents who want to provide great customer support away from their desk. It allow them to compose light replies, triage tickets and keep updated with relevant notifications from their mobile device.

Currently I'm working on the future of automation platforms at Tines.

With over 12 years experience I’ve had the opportunity to define industry leading design tools at InVision, work on creating the world’s best customer support software with Zendesk and help start-ups launch products.

I have had my work featured on Admire The Web, The Gallery, Webflow and Lapa.